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The Sox Come Shipping Back to Boston

Sights and sounds from the Red Sox Rolling Rally

Click on the slide show above to watch the Red Sox parade.

When BU’s class of 2008 first arrived in Boston, they had no reason to imagine that the Red Sox would win not one, but two World Series championships before they graduated — after all, more than 80 years had passed since the team’s last trophy. Who knew that 2004 would be the Year the Curse Was Reversed and 2007 the Year of the Possible Dream?

On Tuesday, the Red Sox took to streets jam-packed with cheering fans for a Rolling Rally, celebrating their victory aboard Ducks, renovated World War II amphibious vehicles. Manny was being Manny, Dice-K was all smiles, and Pap donned a kilt and did his celebratory jig to the sounds of “Shipping Up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys. BU Today was there to record the sights for the members of the BU community who chose class over the celebration.

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