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President Adil Yunis on his plans for the spring semester


Adil Yunis (CAS’08) talks about what’s in store for BU’s student community this semester.

One year is not much time for a president to make his mark, but Adil Yunis (CAS’08) is confident his second and final semester in charge of the Student Union will reap the benefits of a productive fall.

The Montreal-born, Beirut-raised biology major says that increased communication with other student groups last semester has led to several initiatives expected to launch this spring, including a bike-share program, organized in conjunction with the Pan-Hellenic Council. “We’d like to provide students with a method of transportation that is free and accessible to them,” Yunis says. “Students would be able to pick up a bike, ride it from one location to another, and then leave it for another student.”

Yunis says his best advice to future Student Union presidents is to remember that they are also just normal students, and he is grateful for the additional friendships he’s made because of the position.

“I’ve been able to work with amazing people, both within the Student Union and outside of it,” he says. “It’s those friendships I’ll be able to take with me, and they will last much longer than this title will.”

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2 Comments on State of the (Student) Union

  • Anonymous on 02.01.2008 at 2:02 pm

    The free bike riding from location to location for students sounds like a great idea, but how to you prevent bike loss? Also, how do you handle the possibility that one location might find itself with a bunch of bikes while other locations may not have any at a particular point in time? The pick up and drop off flow could become unbalanced at times.

  • Erica on 02.03.2008 at 1:16 pm

    Free Bike Exchange!

    Great! Reed College has this service. It is fantastic. Clip a helmet to each bike to keep us all safe!

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