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Patrick Kennedy (COM’04), a writer and editor in Boston University’s Office of Marketing and Communications and pianist and vocalist for the Boston-based Irish folk band the Larkin Brigade, has recently added his talents to another band. In August, Kennedy, aka Achilles Heel, became the organist for the Sprained Ankles, the latest indie band to play Boston’s music circuit.

“Our music has a kind of late ’50s or early ’60s rock and roll vibe, with some ’70s punk tossed in,” Kennedy says. “Think the Ramones, the Misfits, the Cramps, and the B52s, but with really goofy lyrics.”

While most of the music and lyrics are written by lead vocalist Drew Kazoo, the song “Grandma,” a wacky tune about a kid who spends the night at his grandma’s house and sees her talking on the telephone naked, was written by guitarist Loggy the Great’s grandmother.

“Our shows are really fun,” Kennedy says. “We throw in a lot of theatrics. At our first show, Randy the Rock and Roll Pizza Wolf actually came on stage and delivered a pizza while we were singing ‘Pizza Wolf.’”

The Sprained Ankles will be performing at Church, formerly the Linwood, on Thursday, October 24, 2007. 

Click below to hear the Sprained Ankles perform "Pizza Wolf."

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