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Sargent Senior Pops the Question at Agganis

Peter Colleran (SAR’08) proposed to Vanessa Voas (SED’10), his girlfriend of more than a year, at Agganis Arena last Friday


When Vanessa Voas (SED’10) walkedonto center ice during last Friday’s hockey game at Agganis Arena, she thoughtshe and her boyfriend, Peter Colleran (SAR’08), had been chosen randomly toparticipate in a shootout. But Colleran knew otherwise.

In front of the crowd, whichincluded family and friends, Colleran proposed to Voas. “I wanted to dosomething unique,” he says. “I wanted to go all out, be on the ice, and haveher in front of everybody and have it be romantic.”

Although the two don’t usuallyattend hockey games together, Colleran thought Agganis Arena was the perfect placeto pop the question. No one had ever proposed there, and the couple’s familyand friends could watch and celebrate. (Voas thought everyone was in town forColleran’s February 18 birthday.)

Plus, Colleran thought, the arenarepresents BU, where he and Voas met. They were living on the same floor in WarrenTowers when they were introduced by Colleran’s roommate.

After talking for a few weeks, thetwo hit it off; Colleran’s proposal came after more than a year of dating. AndVoas? She said yes.

Rebecca McNamara can be reached at ramc@bu.edu.

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