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On Being: “Where Does the Love Begin?”

David Yi (CAS’08) and Marina Barcelo (CAS’08)


From time to time, BU Today asks members of the BU community to share their personal hopes, fears, and joys. This week, we present a five-part series on the beauty, the pain, and the rewards of being who we are. These stories ran during the 2007–2008 school year.

What’s it like to move on after four years at Boston University? What’s over? What’s not? What, besides the construction on the Kenmore Square T stop, will go on forever? BU Today asked graduates of the Class of 2008 to talk about what they brought, what they are taking away, and what they will always carry with them.

In this video, best friends David Yi (CAS’08) and Marina Barcelo (CAS’08) talk about fine wine, bad guitar playing, and the importance of having someone to kill the spiders.

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