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You know by now where your dorm is, and maybe a few of your classes. But if you’re celebrating Ramadan this month, you might want to know where to pray and where to break your fast. The Islamic Society of Boston University is the place to go for answers.

Ramadan started on September 1 and continues until September 30.

The Islamic Society holds a weekly Jomeh, or Friday, prayer meeting in the basement of the George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Ave., and four of the five required daily prayer groups in the society’s office, GSU Room 242, says Nadia Ahmad (CAS’10). The society has more than 100 student members and sponsors regular study circles and celebrations of breaking fast during Ramadan — a monthlong observance commemorating the revelation of the Qu’ran, the holy book revealed by God to Muhammad.

Muslims at BU observing Ramadan can break their fast Sunday through Thursday at sunset at the West Campus Dining Hall — also known as the Fresh Food Company, 275 Babcock St.

“We gather in the back room of the dining hall at sunset, and they have dinners for us,” Ahmad says. “We’re definitely trying to get the word out to new students.”

For more information, contact the Islamic Society of BU at isbuact@gmail.com.

Click here to watch a slide show about why Mohamed Serageldin (ENG’08), a leader ofBU’s Islamic Society, thinks praying each day is a joy, not aburden.

Kimberly Cornuelle can be reached at kcornuel@bu.edu.

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