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No New Evidence Found in Sexual Assault Investigation

Police say alleged incident not a continuing threat to campus


A Boston University Police Department investigation of allegations of a sexual assault in Warren Towers in the early morning hours of September 30 has turned up no further evidence of a crime. Speaking last night to three separate gatherings of students in Warren Towers, Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore said the ongoing investigation of the allegation, made by a guest of a Warren Towers resident, has led police to believe that there is no serious continuing threat to the campus.

“We are looking at all the evidence,” said Elmore. “The Boston University Police are pursuing it thoroughly, and at this point it is not pointing to a suspect and there is no indication that there is an ongoing threat.”

Boston University Police Chief Tom Robbins, who also addressed the three meetings, said a police officer had arrived at the scene of the alleged assault less than two minutes after police received the report. Robbins said police had interviewed more than 40 people, including most residents of the floor where the assault was said to have taken place. He said they had collected forensic evidence at the site of the alleged assault, reviewed all guest sign-ins within the 48 hours prior to the alleged incident, studied security tapes, and checked door alarms. He said his investigative team was waiting for the results of an analysis of forensic evidence.


“At this point,” said Robbins, “there is no more information other than what the victim has stated, that there was a sexual assault at about 3:30 a.m. on September 30 in Shields Tower.” Robbins said the victim had described her assailant as 5’10”, 170 pounds, with long wavy brown hair and an athletic build.

Elmore encouraged students with information about the incident to share it with the police. He said students could speak with police anonymously by calling the BUPD at 617-353-2121. He also advised students to never admit people they don’t know to residence halls and to never leave their rooms unlocked when they go out.  He said the investigation will continue and promised that he and Police Chief Robbins would report any breakthroughs to students.

“Students, faculty, and staff at BU all have a role to play in campus security,” said Elmore. “We all need to be aware of our surroundings, particularly when we walk through nearby neighborhoods after dark.”

Elmore said a message about the allegations and the BUPD’s investigative efforts has been posted on the Dean of Students Web site.