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Guys Smash a Car for Crohn’s

Year in Review: 2008


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Through December 24, BU Today is looking back at the mostpopular stories of the year. We’ll be back with new stories for the newyear on Monday, January 5. Happy holidays!

An Oldsmobile, a few cans of spray paint, and a 10-pound sledgehammer were united on February 4 to raise funds for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. The car bash, sponsored by the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha, encouraged students to use the sledgehammer or a baseball bat to take out their frustrations on the donated “beater” car: $3 for 15 seconds, and $5 for 30 seconds. The money will support studies of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, which together affect about one million people in the United States.

For the fraternity brothers, the event was fun, but it also had a meaningful and personal purpose. “We have several brothers in the fraternity who either have Crohn’s disease or have family members who have Crohn’s disease,” says Alex Alben (SMG’08). “So it feels closer to home for us.”

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This story originally ran February 8, 2008.

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