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Got Talent? We Know You Do, BU

Winner gets a $300 gift card


As the general manager of BU Central, Brandon Epstein knows talent, and he knows BU’s got plenty of it.

“Thereare a ton of talented people here,” says Epstein (SMG’09), noting theopen-mics, the student bands, the dancers, and the amateur comedianswho’ve graced his stage. “Definitely, I’d say we have the cream of thecrop.”

But even Epstein might be surprised at how many hiddenskills lie beneath Boston University’s serious academic façade —students who can juggle fire, RAs who unicycle, and a veritable chorusof singing professors.

And what about you?

Can you doimpressions, pull a rabbit out of a hat, sing like Pavarotti, or evenjust belch out a tune? Show us your talent. We’ll show it to BU. And ifBU likes it, you get a $300 Apple gift card. Here’s how it works:

1. Submit a video of your talent to BU Today’s contest Youtube pagebetween today and Friday, October 10, 2008. To verify your identity,please include a brief video introduction, giving your name, BUaffiliation, and a short summary of your talent, before showcasing yourtalent.

2. All current BU students, staff, and faculty are eligible to enter.

3. Finalists will be featured on BU Today, where readers’ votes will determine the winners.

4.First prize is a $300 Apple gift card. Second prize is a $100 giftcertificate to Barnes & Noble. Third prize is a $50 iTunes giftcard.

Chris Berdik can be reached at cberdik@bu.edu. Alan Wong can be reached at alanwong@bu.edu.

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