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Fresh Starts: “It’s Projecting How You Want to Be Perceived.”

Meet the Class of 2012: Shakeela Najjar


In the first weeks of college, every freshman faces the same questions: what do you bring with you, and what do you leave behind?

We’re not talking about just posters and clothes and prom pictures. What elements of your personality will be important in this new life? What high school traits or behaviors would you rather do without? Which friends will be by your side for this four-year journey, and which ones will drift away? What new interests will sustain you? What do you hope to escape from?

In the video above, Shakeela Najjar (CAS’12) of New Bedford, Mass., talks about the characteristics that define her — her religion, exemplified by her hijab, her hopes, and her excitement about being on her own.

Meet more of the Class of 2012: Lauren Chanel Allen, and Nathan Shin.

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One Comment on Fresh Starts: “It’s Projecting How You Want to Be Perceived.”

  • Theran Singleton on 09.02.2008 at 8:44 pm

    Greetings from Auntie Theran

    I am Shakeela’s aunt. I love the video because it reflects her faith and her eagerness to learn and experience what is new with balance. B.U. is lucky to have her!

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