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Conor Loughman (CGS’08), aka DJ Disc Jockey, is the winner of WTBU’s New Voices contest.


Conor Loughman (CGS’08), aka DJ Disc Jockey, is the winner of WTBU’s New Voices contest

Boston University’s radio listeners, it seems, like Asian music, blues, classic rock, and talking about films, but they love “alternative baby-making music.” That’s the title Conor Loughman (CGS’08) gave his show, an eclectic mix of humorous asides and a blend of genres that he describes as “your one-stop shop for hip-hop, trip-hop, folk, and rock, guaranteed to melt your face off.”

Loughman’s show took in about 75 percent of the nearly 300 votes cast for the 5 finalists in the New Voices contest put together by BU’s campus radio station WTBU and featured last week on BU Today.

“I like the idea of a show where you’re not trying to take yourself too seriously,” says Loughman. “I was just trying to think of a theme to tie together the music that I listen to. So I just picked my favorite genres and combined them and came up with a silly title.”

Loughman says he has “a ridiculous amount of music” already stashed in his computer and ready to share. Plus, he says, “I’m always raiding my friends’ music collections, and I’ll probably have to do more of that now to sustain a weekly show.”

As the winner of the New Voices contest, Loughman will receive a Sony Cybershot digital camera at a ceremony at WTBU on February 5. And you’ll be able to hear all the alternative baby-making music you can handle every Tuesday at 8 a.m. Hold on to your faces.

Chris Berdik can be reached at cberdik@bu.edu.

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