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Dancing on the Ceiling

Alice in FitRec Land takes movement off-stage


In one frantic hour last week, BU’s dance performance groups took spectators on a strange journey through the Fitness and Recreation Center. The event, Alice in FitRec Land, comprised nine different performances in unusual spaces — synchronized swimming in the pool, ballroom dancing in the hallways, ballet on the squash courts, and modern dance on the rock wall.

“I teach a dance history class, and we’ve been studying the 1960s Judson Church movement,” says Micki Taylor-Pinney, the dance coordinator in the department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. “There were all these performances that happened in nontraditional spaces. And I thought, okay, it’s time to do something in our building.”

With performances spread out and scheduled around FitRec in a nonlinear pattern, attendees were encouraged to wander and find their way from one performance to the next. “We wanted people to happen upon things,” says Taylor-Pinney. “So I think the combination of people moving from place to place and happening upon events worked out really well.”

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