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Cat Vampire and Candy Corn Top Costume Contest

CELOP students try on a new culture


Click on the slide show above to get spooked by the CELOP Halloween costume contest.

Witches, ninjas, and Barack Obama — typical Halloween costumes took on some international flair at yesterday’s annual Halloween costume contest at the Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP).

CELOP, established at Boston University in 1975, is an intensive program that teaches English language and American customs to international students trying to get acclimated to life in the United States.

The contest, the first Halloween experience for many CELOP students, is intended to teach them a little something about the holiday. They are encouraged to dress up in traditional American Halloween attire.

“They get a lot of their ideas from the media,” says Shelley Bertolino, the CELOP student life coordinator, who ran the event. “U.S. culture is so pervasive that a lot of the costumes evoke U.S. pop culture.”

And the winners? Sae Bando’s human candy corn costume copped the award for best costume. The scariest costume prize went to Noura Alzaabi, who was a cat vampire. And ninja Takuma Koseki took home the honors for funniest costume.

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