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Campus Eats: Temptations Café

South Campus deli goes way beyond tuna on rye


At lunchtime I crave a really great sandwich, overflowing with fresh ingredients mixed in creative ways so the flavors pop. Temptations Café specializes in making just that kind of sandwich, and that’s why customers return again and again for its satisfying lunchtime offerings. Sandwiches, salads, wraps, and even desserts are all healthy and served at affordable prices.

Temptations is one of those rare places where I have a hard time choosing what I want. My most recent treat was the prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sandwich. It’s served with a light basil pesto, crisp romaine lettuce, tomato, and a dash of vinaigrette that gives the whole thing a tangy flavor. You have the option of either a French baguette or a wrap, and for this combo, I recommend the baguette.

The goat cheese salad is another can’t-miss: crisp apple slices, toasted walnuts, romaine lettuce, and seasoned homemade croutons are tossed with soft goat cheese and balsamic or raspberry vinaigrette. Like everything else on the menu, the salads are made to order, and they’re served with fresh-baked pita bread. They can also be ordered as wraps.

For vegetarians, the staff recommends the hummus and feta wrap, made with homemade hummus, romaine lettuce, tomato, julienne carrots, red onion, and Greek dressing.

Temptations dreams up sandwich combinations that you’d never think of but that make perfect sense when you try them. Take the classic BLT: Temptations adds avocado chunks to the mix and serves it in a wrap. All the sandwiches can also be ordered as paninis, and you can substitute to match your specific tastes. Temptations also offers great smoothies, homemade cookies, and soft-serve ice cream.

There’s an average wait time of about ten minutes when the lunchtime rush starts, and it can get hot inside the small, cramped space. Call in your order to avoid the crowds, and try to snag a table outside, on the café’s pleasant patio, or find a bench on Beacon Street to do some people watching while you eat.

Temptations Café is located at 1038 Beacon St., Brookline, across from the St. Mary’s T stop on the C line. For a menu, click here.

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