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The BU Police Department crime log for April 22 through May 4 is below. Chief Thomas Robbins wishes all members of the BU community a safe summer.

8:17 PM 8007811 5/4/2008 Sun Bravo POSSESSION, USE, PLACEMENT HOAX DEVICE c266 Arrest S102A1 771 COMMONWEALTH AV Academic LOBBY
Officers William Donnellan, Tom Smith, Peter McCarron, and Sergeant Patrick Nuzzi were dispatched for the report of a person with an explosive device. Upon arrival they met with security supervisor Tashiani Santos, who was with the suspect, identified as Jennifer DOUGLAS, who was holding two boxes. DOUGLAS was detained by officers. Sergeant Nuzzi asked DOUGLAS what she told Santos and DOUGLAS stated that she had a bomb in the box. Sergeant Nuzzi ordered DOUGLAS to gently place the box on the floor and step back. He then directed Officer Donnellan to place DOUGLAS into custody. Sergeant Nuzzi went to the front desk and directed the security officer to pull the fire alarm to expedite the evacuation process. At the time of the incident there were several hundred people using the library. When officers asked DOUGLAS who else she told she had a bomb and she stated that she called 911 and stated to them she had a bomb. While responding to the call the Boston Police were also dispatched and the D102F arrived on scene after officers secured the area. The Boston Fire Department also arrived a short time later. DOUGLAS was then brought out of the building, searched by BPD Officer McHale, and secured in the rear of unit 597. She was then brought to the station, where she was booked. At the scene a decision was made to have the BPD Bomb Squad respond and at 9:17 PM they were on scene. At 10:17 PM they declared the scene safe and a request was made to assist them with a secondary building search to determine if there were any other hoax devices. The search was conducted with negative results and the scene was then declared safe and at 10:45 PM and people were allowed to return to the library. The two boxes that DOUGLAS had used in the hoax were seized as evidence and secured in the evidence locker. Due to DOUGLAS’s mental status, Mercy Ambulance was dispatched to the station for a mental health evaluation. Mercy responded and DOUGLAS was transported under guard to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for further evaluation.

1:30 PM 8007798 5/4/2008 Sun Bravo SHOPLIFTING BY ASPORTATION c266 S30A Open 775 COMMONWEALTH AV Commercial CAFETERIA
Officer Thomas Gaffney responded for a report of shoplifting. Upon arrival he met the complainant, who stated that at 1:30 PM, two unknown white males stole five sandwiches from the store. The complainant stated that the males ordered five sandwiches and one placed two sandwiches in his coat. The other suspect placed three sandwiches in his backpack and then both parties left the area.

2:25 AM 8007770 5/4/2008 Sun Bravo A&B WITH DANGEROUS WEAPON c265 S15A Arrest 543 COMMONWEALTH AV Public Property SIDEWALK
Officer Paul Devlin was advised by a cab driver of a fight in Kenmore Square. Upon arrival he observed a group of people quickly disperse from in front of 543 Commonwealth Ave. He was approached by the victim, who was bleeding from his nose and chin. The victim pointed out his assailant, who was walking on Deerfield towards Bay State Road. At this time Officer Devlin was approached by a Boston EMT, who stated he also witnessed the altercation and identified THE SUSPECT as the assailant. Office Devlin radioed for an additional unit and stopped THE SUSPECT in front 19 Deerfield Street and walked him back to 543 Commonwealth Ave. THE SUSPECT stated to me he was walking across the street when 2 males insulted his girlfriend and he confronted them. THE SUSPECT stated they attacked him and he put his car keys between his fingers and swung his fists at them. At this time, Officers John Mahoney and Melissa Lombardo arrived and took additional statements from the victim, who stated that THE SUSPECT had hit him with a set of keys. An additional witness reported that after seeing THE SUSPECT swing keys at his friend he intervened. The Boston EMT also stated he had seen THE SUSPECT jab keys at victim’s face several times. THE SUSPECT was placed under arrest for Assault and Battery by means of a Dangerous Weapon (Keys) S265 c15A.

1:49 AM 8007768 5/4/2008 Sun Bravo DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY +$250, MALICIOUS Arrest c266 S12 500 COMMONWEALTH AV Hotel BAR
Officers William Campanella and Scott Rocheville while on detail assignment at the Hotel Commonwealth observed a doorman, employed by the Foundation Lounge, engaged in an altercation with the suspect. THE SUSPECT was found asleep on a couch in the lounge by another employee. They woke THE SUSPECT up and determined that he had consumed too much alcohol and told him he had to leave the lounge and would not be served any further alcohol. THE SUSPECT while walking from the couch to the exit door picked up a bottle of beer and started to consume the beer while coming into the exit hallway. At this time, the doorman confronted THE SUSPECT and took the beer from THE SUSPECT and again explained to THE SUSPECT that he could not consume any further alcohol and had to exit the lounge. THE SUSPECT started to wave his hands by his side and above his head and started yelling as he walked towards the exit. When he reached the hallway of the exit he began to punch the wall several times with both of his fists putting a hole and several dents in the wall. At the time THE SUSPECT started to punch the wall there were several patrons of the lounge in and entering the hallway that were alarmed at his behavior. Officer Campanella placed THE SUSPECT under arrest for Malicious Destruction of Property C266 s127A and Disorderly Conduct, C272 s53.

3:20 AM 8007722 5/3/2008 Sat Bravo DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY -$250, MALICIOUS Open c266 S127 700 COMMONWEALTH AV Commercial STORE
Officer Peter McCarron responded to Campus Convenience for a report of a rock being thrown through the front window. Upon arrival he met the store manager, who stated that he believes someone tossed a rock at the front door window, shattering it. The manager stopped a male party outside the store after the incident and the male told him 2 to 3 males just turned the corner wearing dark clothes. The manager further stated that near a public works utility box were 2 to 3 large rocks. The manager reported that the store was closed and he heard someone bang on the door and that is when he believes that a rock was thrown at the window. Upon further investigation of the window it was determined that the window was possibly shattered from someone hitting the glass hard trying to get the attention of the manager who was stocking the store shelves. No rock was found in the area outside of the store and no chips or scratches on the glass outside indicating that a rock was tossed against it. The area was checked by the units with negatives results for anyone matching the description given by the unknown male. Officer McCarron and the manager viewed the video surveillance tape but the camera angle did not show the front door. The glass in the front door was shattered but intact and entry to the store is not possible.

2:30 PM 8007579 4/30/2008 Wed Alpha LARCENY OVER $250 c266 S30 Open 285 BABCOCK ST Athletic Facility HALLWAY
Officer William Campanella was approached by the victim of a past bike theft. The victim stated that his bicycle had been stolen from inside the Case Center. The victim stated that he left his bicycle, which was unsecured and unattended, in the first floor hallway adjacent the training room between the 2:30 PM and 3:15 PM. The victim stated that his Schwinn, 24 speed, Super Sport Road bicycle was valued at $400.00.

1:10 AM 8007560 5/1/2008 Thu Bravo MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Judicial Referral 225 BAY STATE RD Public Property SIDEWALK
Officer Brandon Stone observed a highly intoxicated male staggering down the street. The victim was unsteady on his feet, almost tripping and falling several times. After stopping the victim, he could smell an extremely strong odor of alcohol and could visually see that the victim was having difficulty standing. The victim was also unable to complete sentences using appropriate speech. The victim stated that he had consumed 7 beers and an unknown quantity of hard alcohol. Mercy Ambulance #104 was dispatched and arrived on scene to evaluate the victim. The victim was subsequently transported to the Beth Israel Hospital for further evaluation.

6:40 PM 8007537 4/30/2008 Wed Bravo DEFACE PROPERTY c266 S126 Open 64 CUMMINGTON ST Academic OFFICE
Officer Kevin St. Ives was dispatched to take a report of defacement of property. Upon arrival he met with the reporting party, who stated that he was approached by an unknown white female party, who asked him where [a professor] was. The reporting party replied that she was not in the building on this day. The female party told him that she wanted him to fire [the professor] and it was per order of “The department head for psychology.” The reporting party checked [the professor’s] office and noticed that her dry erase boards had been written on. The boards read “[The professor] is under arrest per order of George Bush the III, and [the professor] is a Nazi.” The female suspect is white, approximately 5’7, short brown hair, stocky build wearing cargo pants and a green jacket. The suspect left the building without further incident. It should be noted that no one witnessed the notes being written on the boards and were erased by the reporting party after Officer St. Ives saw the messages.

12 AM 8007526 4/20/2008 Tue Bravo CREDIT CARD, LARCENY OF c266 S37B Open 575 COMMONWEALTH AV Residential DORM ROOM
Officer Tom Gaffney responded for a report of a past larceny of credit cards. Upon arrival he met with the victim, who stated that her credit card and debit card were stolen. The victim stated that she last used her debit card on 4/6/2008 and her credit card on 4/22/2008. She said that she was unsure about the time of use. The Bank of America at 775 Commonwealth Ave. notified the victim informing her that someone had used her cards at least nine times at various stores. The credit card statements indicate that the total spent with the cards was $1,026.64.

2:35 PM 8007448 4/1/2008 Tue Bravo TELEPHONE CALLS, ANNOYING c269 S14A Open 500 COMMONWEALTH AV Hotel OFFICE
Officer Matthew Quinlan was dispatched to meet with hotel security regarding annoying phone calls. Upon his arrival he met with the security manager, who stated that for about a month his office has been receiving phone calls twice a week from an individual looking for one of his employees. The individual has in the past identified himself as Edwin one time and Mark Watson another time. When this person calls it is between 2 PM and 4 PM and he calls repeatedly (approximately 5 times). When told that the party is not there, the party becomes hostile over the phone, yelling at him, calling him a liar and that he knows the party is there.

12 PM 8007379 4/28/2008 Mon Bravo TRESPASS WARNING, Closed 750 COMMONWEALTH AV Academic HALLWAY
Officers Dan DiGiovine and Matt Quinlan were dispatched for a report of trespasser. Upon arrival they met with the reporting party, who pointed out an unknown male walking east on Commonwealth Avenue, and known to the reporting party as a party responsible for removing flyers from university bulletin boards. The party was stopped at the Marsh Chapel. THE SUSPECT is described as a black male, 5’6” tall, 190 lbs, medium build, dark complexion, black hair and brown eyes, wearing black clothes and carrying a black backpack. THE SUSPECT was compliant and cooperative during the interview, is a non affiliate to BU. THE SUSPECT stated he was on BU property because he works with undergraduate students, and uses various bulletin boards to advertise his services. However THE SUSPECT, when questioned further could not prove his affiliation with BU in any manner, gave conflicting answers and could not cite accurate locations within the university where he supposedly works with students. THE SUSPECT had no criminal warrants and was trespass warned off all BU property and subject to arrest upon his return. THE SUSPECT stated that he fully understood the warning but did state to us that he will try to obtain proper authorization through the University administration before returning.

12:30 AM 8007340 4/26/2008 Sat Alpha LARCENY OVER $250 c266 S30 Open 1316 COMMONWEALTH AV Commercial RESTAURANT
Officer Matthew Blakeslee responded to meet with the victim of a past larceny. Upon arrival Officer Blakeslee spoke with the victim and a witness, who stated that they were at the Joshua Tree restaurant and bar at 1316 Commonwealth Ave. on April 25, 2008. While there, they began speaking with a male, who they believed stole the victim’s purse. They stated that they talked to the suspect for about ten minutes and then left to go to the bathroom, leaving the purse on the table with the suspect. When they returned, the suspect was no longer at that location and the victim’s purse was gone. They stated that the incident occurred between 12:30 AM and 1 AM on April 26, 2008. The victim stated that her Coach “Clutch” model bag, valued at $70.00, $10.00 cash, Verizon KRZR cell phone, valued at $200.00, NH driver’s license, room keys and BU ID. The victim described the suspect as a tanned white male about 6 feet in height, 220 pounds, muscular build, “spiked” dark hair and an unknown tattoo on his right arm. They said he was wearing a “tight tee – shirt” with an unknown “graphic design” and jeans and was in the company of another male wearing similar clothing with a similar hairstyle. The victim said that the suspect spoke with a “New Jersey accent” and told her that he was from New Jersey but was staying with friends in Saugus.

2:43 PM 8007317 4/27/2008 Sun Alpha LARCENY OVER $250 c266 S30 Court Summons 518 PARK DR Residential BIKE RACK
Officers Rick Camillo and Joseph Sirignano responded for a report of a group of juvenile black males checking bikes locked to the bike racks. Prior to their arrival Officer Richard Cabral reported that the individuals had left 518 Park Drive and proceeded down an alley in the direction of St. Mary’s St. Upon Officer Camillo’s arrival he observed five black males, four on bikes and one on roller blades traveling on St. Mary’s St in the direction of Beacon St. Officer Camillo was able to stop four of the individuals while the fifth party continued to ride in the direction of Beacon St. Officer Sirignano arrived on scene and the individuals were interviewed regarding their activity in the front court yard of 518 Park Dr and they stated they were looking at the bikes. At this time Officer Camillo requested Officer Mike Vanaria to check for any damaged or broken bike locks in the front court yard. On his arrival he began to check the area and was approached by a witness, who stated that he observed a group of black males in the front court yard and observed one of them remove an unlocked bike from the rack and ride it away. Sergeant Cuzzi and Officer Vanaria presented the witness with a Show-Up identification checklist, which he signed and was then was transported to where the four individuals were stopped. On arrival the witness identified one of the individuals, as the person who took the bike and identified the mountain bike which had been taken. The personal information of the suspects was obtained and their parents were contacted by Sergeant Cuzzi and informed of this incident and advised that their sons would be summonsed into Juvenile Court on charges of larceny and receiving stolen property. All suspects were issued a trespass warning from BU. The stolen property was confiscated and returned to BUPD where it was entered into evidence and stored.

2:50 AM 8007287 4/27/2008 Sun Bravo MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Judicial Referral 700 COMMONWEALTH AV Residential COMMON AREA
Officer William Campanella was dispatched to the 2nd floor escalator landing for an intoxicated male. Upon arrival, Officer Campanella met with the reporting party, who stated that the victim had been drinking a large amount of mixed alcoholic drinks over the course of the evening. He further stated that the victim and he had gone to several parties on Ashford Street, Pratt Street and Gardner Street, where the victim consumed the alcohol. The victim was unconscious and breathing. Mercy Ambulance responded and transported the victim to the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital for further treatment.

2:30 AM 8007288 4/27/2008 Sun Alpha MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Judicial Referral 10 BUICK ST Residential LOBBY
Officer Peter McCarron was dispatched for an intoxicated male. Upon arrival he met with the victim, who was vomiting in a trash bucket in the front lobby. The victim had been vomiting for about 30 minutes and stated that he had drunk too much alcohol. The victim was unsteady on his feet and he needed help when he attempted to walk. Mercy Ambulance arrived and transported the victim to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for further medical treatment.

1:22 AM 8007279 4/27/2008 Sun Alpha MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Judicial Referral 1019 COMMONWEALTH AV Residential DORM ROOM
Officer Matthew Blakeslee responded for an intoxicated female. Upon arrival Officer Blakeslee located the victim in a bedroom in room 506 and also met with the ORL staff. The RA stated that the victim had attended a formal event that evening and when she returned she was intoxicated. Officer Blakeslee attempted to speak with the victim, who was lying in her bed and was having difficulty responding to questions (slurred speech, incoherent statements) and after multiple attempts, Officer Blakeslee was unable to ascertain any biographical information. When he seated upright to check her condition she began vomiting. Officer Blakeslee asked the victim to provide identification and she was able to remove several items from her purse, including one item that appeared to be a driver’s license. Officer Blakeslee attempted to confirm the victim’s identity with item but noticed that the date of birth had been altered. Mercy General Ambulance responded and transported her to Saint Elizabeth’s Medical.

1:10 AM 8007278 4/27/2008 Sun Bravo DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY -$250, MALICIOUS Open c266 S127 700 COMMONWEALTH AV Residential SIDEWALK
Officer William Campanella responded for a report of a male party who was slashing bike tires. Upon his arrival he observed that the tires on 3 bicycles had been slashed. A check of the area was unable to locate the suspect. Officer Campanella was unable to locate the bicycles’ owners.

1 AM 8007292 4/27/2008 Sun Bravo DISORDERLY CONDUCT c272 S53 Judicial Referral 120 BAY STATE RD Residential DORM ROOM
Officer Matthew Blakeslee responded to a radio call for breaking and entering in progress in the rear, opposite 575 Commonwealth Avenue. The reporting parties stated that they could see individuals across the alley attempting to gain access into the rear window of a building via the fire escape. The Boston Police Department had just received a call for similar circumstances from a reporting party in 120 Bay State Road. On arrival, Officer Blakeslee was met by Officer William Campanella and Sergeant Robert Casey. Officers searched the perimeter of the location around 116, 118 and 120 Bay State Road. Officers were met by the reporting parties, who stated to Sergeant Casey and Officer Blakeslee that unknown individuals had made three attempts to gain entry into her room on the 4th floor of 120 Bay State Road from the fire escape in the rear. On the first attempt, the suspects gained entry and they were told to leave but the suspects made statements alluding to their military affiliation. On the second attempt, suspects gained entry and left through the basement of the building. A third attempt was made to gain entry into that location but the individuals fled the area on the exterior fire escape. The reporting parties stated that they appeared to be wearing military formal wear. Officer Campanella searched the front of 116,118 and 120 Bay State Road. Boston Police unit D104 also arrived at the front of that location. Officer Blakeslee and Sergeant Casey were able to enter 116 Bay State Road through a rear entrance and located three individuals in the basement.

8:50 PM 8007265 4/26/2008 Sat Alpha A&B c265 S13A Exceptional 915 COMMONWEALTH AV Public Property SIDEWALK
Officer Alex Ayochok met with the victim of a past assault. Upon arrival he with the victim who stated that he had been leaving 915 Commonwealth Ave when he was approached by a male party, who shoved and hit the victim in the left shoulder. The victim declined any medical attention. The victim further stated that THE SUSPECT’s girlfriend had gotten in between them and apologized for THE SUSPECT’s actions. Two other unknown males then walked with the victim to 771 Commonwealth Av and gave the victim THE SUSPECT’s name and that he was going to the India Club Formal at Fenway Park. The victim was advised that he could only identify THE SUSPECT at this point and could pursue criminal charges against THE SUSPECT through the Brighton District Court. The victim stated that he did not have time to go to court. Officer Ayochok took the victim to Fenway Park in an attempt to obtain positive identification on THE SUSPECT. Upon arrival at Fenway Park, Officer Ayochok spoke with security and representatives of the India Club. They found THE SUSPECT and brought him to Officer Ayochok for questioning. The victim immediately identified THE SUSPECT as he was exiting the function room. When he asked THE SUSPECT if there had been a problem with the victim earlier, he denied any problem. Officer Ayochok explained the circumstances to Fenway Security, they then informed THE SUSPECT that he was no longer welcome at the event and escorted from the property.

7:30 PM 8007258 4/26/2008 Sat Bravo LIQUOR, PERSON UNDER 21 POSSESS c138 S34C, Judicial Referral 700 COMMONWEALTH AV Residential RA OFFICE
Officer Jacob Verge was dispatched to the Residence Life office to seize alcohol. Upon arrival he met with the on call RA, who stated that a several bottles of alcohol had been confiscated from a resident. He stated that the Senior RA had observed a female resident, in the fourth floor lobby carrying a large plastic shopping bag. The senior RA then proceeded to speak with THE SUSPECT and check the contents of the bag. She found three full bottles and one empty bottle of alcohol. The senior RA then brought THE SUSPECT and the alcohol back to the ORL office. THE SUSPECT is 19 years old. The four bottles of alcohol were turned over to Officer Verge. Officer Verge spoke with THE SUSPECT, who verified the accounts of what took place.

12 PM 8007232 3/1/2008 Sat Alpha TELEPHONE CALLS, ANNOYING c269 S14A Open 273 BABCOCK ST All Other Locations UNKNOWN
Officer Joseph Sirignano responded to meet with a party receiving annoying telephone calls. Upon arrival he met with the victim who stated that beginning in late February or early March, she began to receive phone calls from an unknown male named Steven. The male party claimed to know the victim and was very persistent about trying to meet with her. He also stated that he is in her chemistry and writing classes. The victim stated that she does not know any male by the name of Steven in these classes or elsewhere. The victim stated that she has received as many as twenty to thirty phone calls from this male to date. The caller’s phone number is displayed on the victim’s cell phone. The victim informed me that she spoke with the caller for about ten minutes during the initial phone call, and told him that she did not know who he was and that he must have the wrong number. The calls continued however, and the victim kept warning the caller to cease, and eventually told him that she would contact the police. The victim advised me that the male caller did not make any statements that could be perceived as threatening in nature. The last call the victim received was today at 1 AM. The call came from the same number, but there was a voice message left by an angry unknown female caller. The message was about 30 seconds long and made several derogatory sexual references to the victim.

12 PM 8007264 4/26/2008 Sat Bravo LARCENY UNDER $250 c266 S30 Open 771 COMMONWEALTH AV Academic LIBRARY
Officer Alex Ayochok met with the victim of a past larceny of a wallet. The victim stated that while on the 4th floor of the Mugar Library her wallet had been stolen from inside of her handbag. The victim stated that she had left her handbag unattended for an undetermined amount of time. The last time she saw her wallet was at 12:00 PM and she discovered it was missing at 7 PM. The victim reports that her Coach wallet, valued at $150.00, $12.00 cash, MasterCard credit card, Bank of America debit card, Social Security Card, US passport and birth certificate were all taken.

5:08 PM 8007177 4/25/2008 Fri Alpha RMV DOCUMENT, FORGE/MISUSE c90 S24B Closed 1019 COMMONWEALTH AV Residential LOBBY
Officer Alex Ayochok was dispatched for a report of a fraudulent driver’s license. Upon arrival he spoke with the reporting party, who stated that while working at the security desk, a party had signed into the building leaving at the desk what he believed to be a fraudulent driver’s license from the state of Maine. He further stated that he compared the license he received from the suspect with another Maine license and noticed some differences in appearance. The license THE SUSPECT gave did not have the State of Maine hologram on the front of it and the font sizes of the letters on both licenses did not match. Officer Ayochok examined the license and confirmed the differences in the two licenses, which were both issued in 2006. Officer Ayochok met with THE SUSPECT and she admitted that the license in question did belong to her and that she had acquired it from an unknown source in New York. THE SUSPECT stated the date of birth on the license which reflected 10/16/1986 was incorrect and her true birth date was 10/16/1988. When questioned further, THE SUSPECT again could not remember or specify where she had acquired the license from other than from New York. THE SUSPECT was advised that a criminal complaint would be filed with the Boston Municipal Court / Brighton Division and she would receive a summons for violation of MGL c.90, sec.24B /altering, forging or stealing a registry document.

3:20 PM 22080358 4/25/2008 Fri Bravo LARCENY UNDER $250 c266 S30 Open 771 COMMONWEALTH AV Academic LIBRARY
Mugar Security met with the victim of a past larceny. The victim stated that she was at a table on the 2nd floor at 3:20 PM leaving personal items unattended. She left to go to the 1st floor and returned at 3:30 PM and noticed her wallet was missing. The victim reports that her wallet, valued at $30.00, $60.00 cash, Charlie Card, credit card, debit card, MA driver’s license and house keys were taken.

1:24 PM 8007164 4/25/2008 Fri Bravo LARCENY FROM PERSON c266 S25 Arrest 19 DEERFIELD ST Public Property SIDEWALK
Sergeant Larry Cuzzi and Officer Jacob Verge were at the corner of Raleigh St and Beacon St when they were approached by a victim of an attempted larceny. The victim stated that a white male later, attempted to steal a laptop computer from one of the victims. THE SUSPECT was described as a white male, 5’8”, strawberry blonde hair, black shirt and brown shorts. The victim stated that while sitting at an outside table at U-Burger at 636 Beacon St, when THE SUSPECT approached the outside dining patio and grabbed her laptop computer. The victim and her friend began to fight with the suspect, and were able to take the laptop away from THE SUSPECT. The suspect then fled down Raleigh St towards Bay State Rd. While searching for the suspect on Deerfield St, Officer Rich Cabral was approached by a second victim, who stated that THE SUSPECT grabbed her purse and attempted to steal it. The victim further stated that several people tried to stop THE SUSPECT and he got into a Honda Accord that was parked in front of 19 Deerfield St. The victim then stated that she ran to THE SUSPECT’s vehicle and he put the car in reverse and ran over the victim’s right foot. The victim sustained a swollen and bruised right foot. Boston Police reported that THE SUSPECT was stopped on Boylston St. He was brought back for a show up identification and identified by both victims. Boston Police placed THE SUSPECT under arrest.

11:45 AM 8007161 4/25/2008 Fri Bravo LARCENY FROM PERSON c266 S25 Open 775 COMMONWEALTH AV Commercial CAFETERIA
Officer Daniel DiGiovine was dispatched for a report of past larceny. Upon arrival he met with the victim, who stated that between 11:30 AM and 11:45 PM her book bag was stolen. The victim further stated that she was inside the food court on the north side sitting with friends and placed her book bag next to her chair. The victim stated that a short time later she realized her book bag was missing. She stated that she didn’t leave her table area at any time and the table was situated close to the walking aisle near the back court area. The victim reports that her book bag, valued at $50.00, wallet, valued at $30.00, Apple iPod, valued at $130.00, $20.00 cash, driver’s license, BU ID.

1:50 AM 8007044 4/24/2008 Thu Alpha MEDICAL ASSIST / ALCOHOL Judicial Referral 273 BABCOCK ST Residential BATHROOM
Officer Brandon Stone was dispatched for a report of a female passed out in the bathroom. Upon arrival he met with ORL Staff, who stated that the victim who was already out of the stall which she was previously passed out in. The victim appeared alert and oriented stated that she had an extremely long day and had fallen asleep in the bathroom stall. The victim further stated that she had consumed several shots of alcohol at a friend’s off-campus house earlier in the evening. ORL Staff stated that she observed the victim in the stall on the floor for 15 minutes and she would not respond to banging on the door and yelling. The victim did not smell of alcohol or have any obvious signs of intoxication. Mercy Ambulance #104 was called to the scene for an evaluation and transported the victim to the Boston Medical Center.

Officer Anicet Dybantsa was dispatched to investigate a female party being photographed while in the woman’s room. Upon arrival he met with ORL staff, who stated that at 2:30 AM, the victim’s boyfriend stated that his girlfriend was taking a shower, someone tried to take a picture of her. The victim stated that at 1:50 AM, she was in the shower stall taking a shower, when she looked down she noticed someone was trying to take a picture with a camera phone through the drain hole adjacent to the men’s shower. A witness at the time stated he was sitting in the hallway by the men’s room and observed three individuals enter the men’s room. The witness then stated that shortly after one individual’s came out of the men’s room, the victim came out of the lady’s room and went to see her boyfriend and explained what just took place. The victim’s boyfriend stated to Officer Dybantsa that after he heard his girlfriend’s story he went and checked the men’s room; and found 2 other parties were still in there. When he asked if they saw anyone in the men’s room, they said no. He then went to see the third party in his room to see if he saw anyone in the men’s room, and he claimed he went there to use the men’s room. Officer Brandon Stone arrived at the scene and took some pictures of the lady’s room shower stall including that area of the drain hole adjacent to the men’s shower. Sergeant Robert Casey and Officer Dybantsa went to rooms of all three suspects to conduct interviews. The victim declined any crisis counseling at this time. The victim also stated that she might be able to identify the cell phone if she sees it. B&G was notified and made them aware of the gap between the shower stall in both men’s room and lady’s room.

7:19 PM 8007012 4/23/2008 Wed Alpha GENERAL INVESTIGATION Open 522 PARK DR Residential ALLEY WAY
Officers Richard Cabral and William Donnellan were dispatched for unwanted persons inside the apartment. Officers went to the third floor and knocked on the apartment door, getting no response. They then heard a door slam from inside the apartment and believed a party was leaving the apartment by using the fire escape. Officers went to the rear of the building and observed a party walking from the rear fire escape. THE SUSPECT was stopped in the alley way behind 33 Euston Street by Sergeant Patrick Nuzzi. The reporting parties were brought to the scene and stated that THE SUSPECT, who is their roommate, THE SUSPECT’s brother and an unidentified black male had harassed their friend in front of 522 Park Drive. She then went to their apartment and was followed by THE SUSPECT, THE SUSPECT’s brother, the black male and a pit bull. The reporting parties locked the door and that THE SUSPECT opened the door and let everyone into the common room. The reporting parties fearing for their safety fled the apartment by using the rear fire escape. When asked by Officer Cabral if they were afraid of their roommate and his brother, they both stated yes. Officers interviewed THE SUSPECT who had glassy eyes and the odor of marijuana coming from his clothes. THE SUSPECT was evasive with his answers regarding his consumption of marijuana. THE SUSPECT finally stated that he had smoked marijuana and stated that he could provide the name of the party that sold him the marijuana. THE SUSPECT was brought to the station to be interviewed.

11:43 AM 8006986 4/7/2008 Mon Bravo LARCENY OVER $250 c266 S30 Open 640 COMMONWEALTH AV Academic OFFICE
Officer Tom Gaffney responded for a report of a past larceny. Upon arrival he met with the complainant, who stated that a box of film had been stolen from her office. The complainant stated that DHL delivered the film on 4/7/2008 at 11:42 AM and placed it in room 118. She stated that they discovered the film was missing on 4/10/2008 at 1:00 PM. She further stated that she checked with staff and students and nobody took the film for work related use. The door to the office is open all day and there was no sign of forced entry. The victim stated that 6 different types of film were stolen and the total value of the missing film was $31,106.00.

10 AM 8006990 4/19/2008 Sat Bravo LARCENY UNDER $250 c266 S30, Open 725 COMMONWEALTH AV Academic CLASSROOM
Officer Daniel DiGiovine was dispatched for a report of a past larceny. Upon arrival he met with the victim, who stated that her wallet was stolen from her backpack between 10:00 AM and 2:30 PM from room 212. The victim stated that she left her backpack unattended for about ten minutes while using the restroom. The victim reports that her wallet, Visa credit card, MA driver’s license, BU ID and $16.00 cash was taken.

3 AM 8006965 4/23/2008 Wed Alpha ASSIST BOSTON PD 1027 COMMONWEALTH AV Residential APARTMENT
Officers Peter McCarron, Brian Abdallah, and Anicet Dybantsa received a radio call from dispatch reporting that off-duty officer Scott Rocheville was reporting a possible domestic coming from 1027 Commonwealth Av, apartment 16. At the same time Boston Police received a 911 call for a domestic at the same address. Upon arrival they met Officer Rocheville at the front foyer and he reports that a male party was trashing his apartment. While at the front foyer the male, came down the stairs and was secured with handcuffs while officers investigated the noise coming from apartment 16. Boston PD Officer Chan, Unit K102, and went to the apartment as well. Officers questioned the resident as to what happened. The party reports that she and her boyfriend, THE SUSPECT, had a verbal argument and he smashed his property, which included a 13-inch television. The party further stated that THE SUSPECT did not assault her or put her in fear in any way. She was advised about getting an Emergency 209A order and she refused, claiming again that he did not threaten her or assault her in any way. THE SUSPECT reports that he and his girlfriend had a disagreement and he smashed his television. It was learned that the reporting party is a BU student and she was advised on the services of BU’s crisis intervention. The party stated that she was fine and did not need counseling. There were no visible signs of injuries except for a small cut on her left pinky finger that she reports she received cleaning the broken glass. The party refused medical treatment. THE SUSPECT was released and advised to return to his Newton address.

1:38 AM 8006950 4/23/2008 Wed Alpha DRUG, POSSESS CLASS D c94C S34 Arrest 277 BABCOCK ST Residential PLAZA
Officers Brandon Stone and John Mahoney were on foot in the area of 277 Babcock St when they detected a strong odor of marijuana. Officers observed two subjects sitting on a bench, one smoking a cigarette believed to be marijuana. They identified themselves as police officers and requested identification from the two parties. At this time, THE SUSPECT had the lit marijuana cigarette and in his hand. THE SUSPECT did state to officers that the marijuana cigarette was his. Both parties were patted down to determine the presence of weapons with negative results. At this time, THE SUSPECT was placed under arrest for Possession of a Class D substance. THE SUSPECT was transported to the station and booked.

8:25 PM 8006932 4/22/2008 Tue Alpha LEAVE SCENE OF PROPERTY DAMAGE c90 S24 Open COMMONWEALTH AV & ST. PAUL ST Public Property STREET
Officer Tom Smith responded to the intersection of Commonwealth Av and St. Paul St, for a report of a hit and run with property damage. On arrival Officer Smith met with the victim, who stated that she was riding her bicycle outbound on the inbound side of Commonwealth Av on the sidewalk. As she was about to cross St. Paul St, a Toyota Camry took a right at the intersection, striking her bicycle on the front tire and causing her to fall off. The vehicle then left the scene of the collision and did not return. Another cyclist in the area approached the victim and gave her the license plate of the vehicle that struck her. The victim was not injured in the accident, however the accident did cause damage to the front tire and rim of her bicycle, causing it to be inoperable.

8:06 PM 8006930 4/22/2008 Tue Alpha GENERAL INVESTIGATION Judicial Referral 275 BABCOCK ST Residential PLAZA
Sergeant Pat Nuzzi was dispatched to investigate the strong smell of marijuana coming from the Grotto area in front of 273 and 275 Babcock Street. Upon arrival, Sergeant Nuzzi observed a cloud of smoke in the air above 6 parties in the grotto area. As he approached the parties, the odor became stronger. When the parties observed Sergeant Nuzzi, they started to walk away. The parties were stopped and identified. Sergeant Nuzzi could smell the odor of marijuana emanating from their clothing. When asked if they were using marijuana, they all admitted to just smoking a marijuana cigarette but didn’t have any additional marijuana on them.

4 PM 8006931 4/22/2008 Tue Bravo LARCENY OVER $250 c266 S30 Open 775 COMMONWEALTH AV Academic BIKE RACK
Officer Kevin St. Ives was dispatched for a report for a past larceny of a bicycle. Upon arrival he met the victim, who stated that he had locked his bicycle at the bike rack in front of the building at 4:00 PM and when he returned at 8:00 PM he discovered that his bike was missing. The chain lock that was used secure his bike was also missing. The victim states that his Scott mountain bike was valued at $450.00.

1:14 AM 8006869 4/22/2008 Tue Alpha GENERAL INVESTIGATION Closed 273 BABCOCK ST Residential PLAZA
Officer Brandon Stone was dispatched to the area of 273 Babcock Street for a report of the odor of marijuana. Upon arrival he walked the area of the grotto and did not locate any persons there. While investigating the area, he did observe a large quantity of what is believed to be burned marijuana cigarettes. Sergeant Healy requested that Officer Stone seize all of the burnt material and enter it into evidence. Upon counting the collected material, there was found to be 35 burned cigarettes. All of the material was found on the grotto closest to 273 Babcock Street.

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