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Adopting Sophia

Part two: “Every day is something new.”


Adopting a child from China isn’t easy and it isn’t quick, but it is joyous. BU Today asked Laura De Veau to describe the two years of hope, anxiety, and wonder that led to her recent adoption of a baby girl.

In the video above, De Veau (CGS’87, COM’89, SED’95), assistant director of student and staff development in the Office of Residence Life, and her husband, Shawn (LAW’94), talk about their trip to China to meet their daughter, Sophia, the blog that helped them chronicle their journey, and the ways their lives have changed since Sophia became a part of their family. “I can’t imagine our lives without her,” De Veau says. “I can remember our lives without her, but I can’t imagine going forward without her."

Watch part one, in which Laura discusses what it felt like when she got the call from the adoption agency and her goals and fears about being a new parent.

Additional video footage and photographs courtesy of Laura and Shawn De Veau.

Robin Berghaus can be reached at berghaus@bu.edu.

The recent snow and ice storms that have swept through southern China have had a great impact on the Social Welfare Institutes, or orphanages, in that region. According to the Half the Sky Foundation, heat, food, and supplies are scarce. A special emergency fund has been created to help aid the SWIs supported through Half the Sky. If you are interested in assisting these SWIs, log on to the Half the Sky Web site and follow the links to support the Little Mouse Emergency Fund.

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