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A New Background Spurs New Art

A summer retreat gives BU’s Shola Friedensohn a fresh perspective


Artist Shola Friedensohn works with colored pencils on black paper to capture the vibrancy in her landscapes and still lifes.

“It’s exciting to see the contrast develop,” says Friedensohn, a graphic designer with BU’s Creative Services department. “The black of the paper shows through, and the lines that are left can have a stained glass effect; some of the shapes are outlined in black, and it pops.”

She first attempted the technique while visiting her brother in Nepal in 1993. Now, she escapes the bustle of the city for two weeks every summer, heading a couple of hours west to Wellspring House, a retreat for writers and artists, in Ashfield, Mass., to immerse herself in her work.

With work that ranges from water grates and doorknobs to sunsets in Hawaii, Friedensohn isn’t limited by subject. “I hope that when people look at my drawings, they’ll think about what they see — how beautiful the world is.”

For more information about Friedensohn’s work, contact her at shola@bu.edu.

Kimberly Cornuelle can be reached at kcornuel@bu.edu.

Additional reporting by Robin Berghaus. She can be reached at berghaus@bu.edu.


2 Comments on A New Background Spurs New Art

  • Puamohala on 09.12.2008 at 1:07 am

    Aloha Shola, We sure miss

    Aloha Shola,
    We sure miss you too. It’s been awhile since you have visited us. I still have your artwork on my desk, and yes it reminds me of you on our island. Our ho’ike will be on Oct. 18,2008 and hope you can attend. :) Your work is awesome,
    love the colors. Do more slide shows.. love it… Do you remember the time when we did our hau skirts…that was fun with you there. Well, malama pono, a hui hou….
    Aloha, Puamohala

  • Anonymous on 09.30.2008 at 7:39 pm

    Wow, that’s a beautiful technique. I wonder how it would work with more mechanic and inorganic subjects.

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