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“Dancer with a Difference” One of WBUR’s Murrow Award Winners

BU’s NPR station takes eight honors in 2008 RTNDA large-market competition


Andrea ShayWBUR Awards

Click on the audio player below to hear "Dancer with a Difference," reported by Andrea Shea, which won a Murrow Award.

WBUR, Boston University’s National Public Radio station, has captured top honors in seven categories in the 2008 New England Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) Edward R. Murrow Award large-market division competition. The trophies will be added to an expanding collection, which already welcomed 8 of the 12 top honors from the 2007 Massachusetts/Rhode Island Associated Press awards, held earlier this month.

The station won RTNDA awards in the Investigative Reporting, News Documentary, Feature Reporting, Use of Sound, Continuing Coverage, Web Site, and Hard News Feature categories — three more than the previous year.

“Winning these awards is gratifying and reflects the outstanding work produced last year by so many of the great journalists, producers, and technicians at WBUR,” says John Davidow, WBUR news director. “We are flattered by this acknowledgement.”

“Dancer with a Difference,” the top prize winner in the Feature Reporting category, follows the story of a Boston-based dancer who has no fingers or lower legs. The subject, Lisa Bufano, recently performed her first modern dance piece in New York to rave reviews.

Following is a full list of WBUR’s 2008 RTNDA awards:

Investigative Reporting: “Pills Without Borders,” reported by Allan Coukell, edited by Margaret Evans; Michael Garth, sound engineer.
News Documentary: “Nursing a Shortage,” reported by Rachel Gotbaum, produced by Anna Bensted; George Hicks, sound engineer.
Feature Reporting: “Dancer with a Difference,” reported by Andrea Shea, edited by Margaret Evans; Michael Garth, sound engineer.
Use of Sound: “Hell Night,” reported by Bob Oakes, produced by Sarah Bush and Margaret Evans.
Continuing Coverage: “Boston Violence,” reported by David Boeri and Bob Oakes, produced by Sarah Bush and Monica Brady-Myerov, edited by Margaret Evans and Brady-Myerov; Tim Skoog, sound engineer.
Web Site: Robin Lubbock, Web producer, and Jesse Costa, Will Smith, Angel Kozeli, and Ken George.
Hard News Feature: “Palliative Care,” reported by Allan Coukell, edited by Margaret Evans; Michael Garth, sound engineer.

Edward A. Brown can be reached at ebrown@bu.edu.

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