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War Games: ROTC at BU

The toughest course at BU is not taught in the classroom

Click on the player above to see BU’s Army ROTC cadets in action.


One weekend each semester, the 120 students enrolled in BU’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps leave the classroom behind.

They travel to the Fort Devens training complex, in Devens, Mass., where they hone their navigational skills and marksmanship and practice rappelling and racing through obstacle courses. Paintball guns are used in simulated combat, but on the rifle range, the M-16s are real.

BU’s contingent is well-schooled. Major Cyrus Cady, an assistant professor in the department of military science, reports that at October’s annual First Brigade, Eastern Region, Ranger Challenge competition, which pit Boston University against ROTC outfits from 22 northeastern schools, the BU team came in second. The winning team, from Clarkson University, was led by a recent grad of BU’s ROTC.

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