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Blogs abound at BU, on food, movies, politics, travel, and more. Vote for your favorite.

BU Today received more than 150 submissions for our Show Us Your Blogs contest. The expert judges have weighed in. We’ve made our picks. But what do we know? What makes one blog better than another, anyway? It’s your turn to set us straight. See the list of 16 finalists below (in no particular order) and e-mail your vote for top blog to today@bu.edu.

1.    This Be My (B)log http://carolineb-log.blogspot.com
A student discusses her ongoing treatment for leukemia.

2.    Alliteration Abound http://www.alliterationabound.com
Video game aficionado posts on gaming and life.

3.    A Foolish Consistency http://trudalane.net/afcblog/wordpress
Blog on the intersection of law, the Internet, and current events.

4.    An Anthropologist in Damascus http://anthropologistindamascus.blogspot.com
Traveling through Syria with an anthropologist’s eye.
5.    Ben Buckman http://www.benbuck.net
Includes a travel blog of a cross-country motorcycle trip and a current events blog, focusing on foreign policy.
6.    Theology Girl http://www.theologygirl.com
Reflections and musings by a theology grad student.
7.    Gareth’s Movie Diary http://garethsmovies.blogspot.com
Reviews of foreign films.
8.    Wanderingaround http://www.seanecuador.blogspot.com
Travel blog that began in Ecuador and has since moved on to Spain.
9.    Gentleman Gourmand http://gentlemangourmand.typepad.com
Food site featuring reviews, links, videos, and recipes.
10.    Dynamical Systems http://neurophd.blogspot.com
Graduate fellow in neuroscience discusses his field in layman’s terms.
11.    September 11 Republican http://s11neocon.blogspot.com
Political blog discusses current events from a conservative point of view.
12.    The Food Monkey http://www.thefoodmonkey.com
Restaurant reviews, recipes, and thoughts on Epicurean issues.
13.    The Ant Room http://theantroom.blogspot.com
Anything you ever wanted to know about ants — a chronicle of ant research in Ecuador.
14.    Undress Me Robot http://www.undressmerobot.com
Extensive collection of reviews, columns, and features about alternative music, films, and books.
15.    590 Edlinks http://oneverni.com/wordpress
Links to education software and interactive Web sites.
16.    The TV Weasel http://www.capria.tv
Tech-heavy blog on the media industry.