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The Secret of the West Campus

Hint: Once you eat one, you’re hooked

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There’s a good reason that the West Campus is one more excellent thing that freshmen don’t know about. The most sought-after food item at the West Campus Dining Hall — proper name the Fresh Food Company — does not appear on any menu. It’s a word-of-mouth thing, and in this case the word is actually two: “West Campus.”

The only way to get a West Campus is to ask for one, and to ask for one, you have to have heard someone else ask for one. Naturally, that person has to have heard another person ask, and so on, until the overhearing stretches back 15 years, to the glorious day when a slightly bored grill cook named Jeff threw caution to the wind and then threw cheese, barbecue sauce, and a hamburger on the grill. From the moment he scraped it off, legend has it, dining at West Campus has never been the same.

These days, the West Campus is said to be better than ever, enhanced by a special barbecue sauce prepared each morning by grill cook Nichole Smith-Boytiel. What’s the recipe? That’s the secret of the secret of West Campus.