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The Other Terriers Take the Field

Summer softball league draws a new crowd to Nickerson

Click the slide show to see photos from last year's summer softball season.

BU’s summer sports season kicked off in late May with heartbreaking losses for the Dark Lords of the Underworld, Chaos the Return, and the U.S.E.D. Reject Codes. All was not lost in Terrier Nation, however — BooLaw and Purulent Sputum notched major victories in their first contests, setting the bar for a killer season of competitive summer softball.

Yes, softball.

When the season ends for BU’s academic athletes, the other Terriers — faculty, staff, and students — take to the diamonds at Nickerson Field for some friendly intramural play. This year, 41 teams are competing in three divisions, both men’s and coed, and everyone from the department of cognitive and neural systems to the College of Fine Arts has a team in the mix. Each team plays another in its league one night per week for eight to nine weeks, plus playoffs if the team qualifies. The top two teams in each league then go head-to-head, competing to represent their league in the championship, which determines the top co-rec and men’s leagues of the season.

Tonight, the Law Breakers take on the Albany Street Rats at 5:30 p.m., the New Boston Stumps face off with the Developmentals at 6:45 p.m., and the Perfect Competitors battle the Incompletes at 8 p.m. All games are played at Nickerson field, Monday through Thursday.