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Utah transplant Erin Beck (SPH’08) writes with humor about life in the big city.

Erin Beck (SPH'08) talks about life in Boston on her blog.

When Erin Beck (SPH’08) moved to Boston from Utah last year, she decided to start the blog Boston It Up as a way to chronicle her journey and to talk about Boston distractions, quirky thrift stores, her love for oranges, and her desire to, possibly, run the Boston Marathon. The blog was a way to archive moments.

The beauty of Beck’s blog doesn’t lie in its design or photography; it lies in Beck’s honesty and in her ability to find humor in everyday life as she assimilates herself into an East Coast city.

“I ended up by this great old woman in a big old L. L. Bean parka and with a thick Boston accent,” she wrote last month when she decided to cheer on runners at the Boston Marathon. “Though we were around mile marker 20, it was still pretty early on in the race and runners were only trickling by, letting her cheer on every runner by name — or at least by whatever distinguishing feature/article of clothing … I really wanted to slip her my phone number and ask her to call me every so often and leave inspiring messages on my voice mail.”

To find out what Beck is up to, visit llamahour.blogspot.com/2007_05_01_archive.html.

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