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Self-Portraits Provide a Peek into Artist’s Psyche

Adrienne Tarver (CFA’07) explores identity, history, politics, and the human experience in her self-portraits.

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Although she paints other subjects, Adrienne Tarver (CFA’07) continues to return to the self-portrait. “The self-portrait is a method of exploring identity, history, politics, and the overall human experience in a very personal and specific way,” says the senior painting major.

By manipulating subtleties in expression and mood, Tarver says, she is able to influence how viewers see her while also revealing how she, the artist, sees herself. “To me, self-portraits are intriguing because they are much more than a mirror reflection,” she adds. “They simultaneously reveal what I want to reveal and what I don’t think I’m revealing, leaving the viewer with a peek into my psyche.”

The featured artwork was selected by the BU Art League, a student-run group based in the College of Fine Arts school of visual arts. The organization helps undergraduate student artists learn more about the art world than they might normally learn in the classroom. The Art League tries to build a strong community through monthly meetings, exhibition opportunities, and a monthly newsletter. For more information, contact league founder Anne Albagli (CFA’08) at anniea@bu.edu.

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This article originally appeared on BU Today on October 27, 2006.