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SDM Researcher Wins Conference Travel Award

SDM research technician Sheede Khalil won a travel award to California for her research poster.

Sheede Khalil, a research technician in the School of Dental Medicine department of molecular and cell biology, recently won a $500 travel award from the Gordon Research Conferences in Ventura, Calif., to attend the conferences in February.

There, Sheede presented her poster Essential Roles of E-cadherin in Submandibular Gland Development at the conference on Salivary Glands and Exocrine Secretion. In her presentation, Khalil demonstrated that E-cadherin, a protein involved in cell adhesion, plays a distinct role in the development of different immature salivary cell populations. She also showed that it is essential to the formation of gland structures.

Khalil has been studying the embryonic development of the mouse submandibular gland with Maria Kukuruzinska, an SDM professor of molecular and cell biology.