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Barbara “Basia” Drozdzik (CFA’08) creates sculpture that appears to defy gravity.

Her sculpture Time and Displacement of Space is a work in progress, constructed of fiberglass, corrugated metal, wood, twine, and hydrocal gypsum cement. 

"Since I have been interested and working with spheres already, it was in my best interest to work with a sphere in this project," she says. "After some experiments with balloons and plaster the main form was shaped. To show the tension with time, the thread and corrugated surface plays its part."

The piece was created in response to an assignment to create an obstruction, she says.

“I am currently working to resolve this piece,” says Drozdzik, who will display the finished work next semester. “The photograph is of a finished maquette.”

A maquette is a small-scale model showing what a sculpture will look like when it’s finished. Once completed, Drozdzik’s piece will measure 6 feet by 6 feet by 10 feet.