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Not Your Father’s Filmmaker

COM lecturer Frank Capria provides media tips and musings on the film and TV industry.

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Frank Capria, a College of Communication lecturer in the department of film and television, has his eye on the future of the industry, and that future is intrinsically linked to technology and the Web.

For example, those hooked on creating videos for YouTube may wonder if Apple’s Flash Video will storm the online movie world the way the iPod shook up the music world.

“First and foremost,” writes Capria, “the ability to launch Flash Video files outside the browser makes the format that much more attractive to content creators. No longer do we have to concern ourselves with the presentation layer when releasing video in Flash format.”

Capria offers tips and tricks for Macs — the computer generally preferred by graphic designers, video producers, and other creative types — like a downloadable script to make Apple Mail run at more than a snail’s pace.

To read more about Capria’s insight into the media world, visit his blog at http://www.capria.tv/.

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