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New Chair for Computer Science

CAS Prof Stan Sclaroff is the new computer science department chair.

Stan Sclaroff, a College of Arts and Sciences professor of computer science, is the department’s new chairman.

Sclaroff succeeds Azer Bestavros, a CAS professor of computer science, who led the department for seven years. “It will be very difficult to take over and shine as brightly as he has,” Sclaroff says. During his three-year term, he says, the faculty will be “assessing their continuing role as the hub of computational thinking on campus.”

“Computational thinking is a different way of looking at problems that can yield insights and breakthrough ideas,” Sclaroff explains. “One objective over the next year is to assess the ways in which we can continue to broaden our service for nonmajors.”

Since his arrival at BU in 1995, Sclaroff has been an associate chair, a member of the academic policy committee, the director of graduate studies, and the director of graduate admissions. 

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