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Mentoring Beyond MED

Mihai Nita-Lazar, a MED senior research associate, mentored a high school student for the Intel Science Talent Search.

School of Medicine research associate Mihai Nita-Lazar mentored a young scientist participating in this year’s Intel Science Talent Search. Intel sent a letter of appreciation and special recognition to Nita-Lazar, a senior research associate in the department of molecular and cell biology laboratory of Maria Kukuruzinska, a School of Medicine professor.

Nita-Lazar oversaw the research project of Keone Hon, a high school student at New Hampshire’s Phillips Exeter Academy, completed last summer during an internship sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education Research Science Institute. Hon was a semifinalist in this year’s competition.

The Intel Science Talent Search is a science contest for high school seniors. Its top prize, a $100,000 scholarship, goes to the finalist whose original research project is judged best by a panel of professional scientists.

“Hon is a bright student,” says Nita-Lazar. “He wasn’t there just to be a hand; he wanted to be the brain and the hand.”

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