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Meet Katrina Tomecek (MET’09)

Katrina Tomecek (MET’09) wants to help fight global warming after she graduates.

Hello My Name Is

Name: Katrina Danielle Tomecek
From: Tulsa, Oklahoma
School: Metropolitan College
Major: Science and engineering

Why did you choose BU?
Boston has great opportunities for marine biology, which I plan to study after I finish my two years in the MET science and engineering program [which allows participants to enter a CAS or ENG bachelor’s program after sophomore year]. Also, I just really fell in love with the school and the city, and I’m so ready to get out of Oklahoma.

What are you most looking forward to about Boston?
Big city life. And to be honest, I’m a little obsessed with the gym at BU.

What will you miss most about home?
I would probably say my car; his name was Rolf III, and we had a very close relationship.

What will you miss least about home?
Small private school drama!

Describe your favorite high school memory.
In a pep rally skit, a football player at my school imitated me playing volleyball. He even wore a pink tank top and spandex. I have never laughed so hard.

What high school activities do you hope to continue at BU?
I hope to continue biking and doing community service. During high school I rode a 450- and a 150-mile bike ride/race every year. Biking is definitely my favorite sport out there. In what other sport do you get to wear obnoxiously bright-colored jerseys and padded spandex? I was also very involved in community service, doing everything from serving on a junior board to traveling to Tanzania, Africa, for two weeks to help orphans. Community service is a great way to really feel good about yourself and to stay connected to the large variety of amazing people there are in this world.

What new activities do you want to try?

Well, that is hard because this school is amazing, and I just want to try everything! I think I might want to try doing swim team again, because I used to swim a few years ago.

What is one of your long-term goals during your time at BU?
I want to come out of here with a degree in marine biology, because I hope to someday help resolve global warming. But I also hope to have the time of my life here.

What are you doing this summer to get ready for your first year of college?
At the beginning of the summer I was kind of a dork and decided to take a calculus class. The rest of the summer I’ve been working really hard trying to earn money for school. Other than that I’ve just been trying to get a tan.