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Med Campus to Big Pharma: Keep Your Distance

Let me express my thanks for your article yesterday, “Med Campus to Big Pharma: Keep Your Distance.” The horrifying details exposed regarding the unsettling amounts of ill-directed funds from the pharmaceutical industry to the country’s doctors more than solidify a gripe of mine that has festered for many years and emanates from both personal and professional experiences.

I applaud the administration of BMC/BUSM for launching their aggressive policy to combat the unquestionable “corrosive influences” that David Rothman describes and hope that their leadership in this movement can serve as a powerful example for the hordes of other medical institutions and providers who should also take a step back to assess the damage.

In addition to Mr. Rothman, I applaud the others cited in the article (Ullian, Miller, and Post) for the courage displayed in their outspoken advocacy aimed at curtailing the blatant conflicts of interest promoted by an industry that should know better and whose questionable marketing techniques have gone unchecked for so long. Most other observers have turned their backs far too readily.

Very much hope that you can convey my sincere appreciation to these professionals who contributed to your revealing article and gave us reason for encouragement.

Susan Cleaver

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