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LAW Student Interns Overseas

Michael Adams (LAW’09) is an intern in a South Korean law firm.

Michael Adams (LAW’09) traveled to Seoul, South Korea, in June to spend the summer working at Suh & Co., one of the fastest growing law firms in South Korea. The firm specializes in international maritime litigation.

Adams drafts English correspondence between the firm and its clients, cocounsel, and third parties, and he researches U.S. and English law. He appreciates that members of the firm seek his opinions on certain matters, he says, such as how to interpret an oddly worded contract.

“I hope that this experience will show U.S. firms that I’m enthusiastic about this work and that I’m capable as well as adaptable,” he says. Although his knowledge of American law is not applicable to his work in South Korea, says Adams, he is learning a great deal about the analytical skills necessary to be a lawyer.

“International law is really an interesting concept,” he says. “I also love to travel and to explore new cultures. International corporate law is a combination of things I enjoy.”

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