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Knit One, Blog Two

Grad student Katie Schu (GRS’09) stitches together a blog.

Part craft, part mediation, knitting seems to be everywhere these days. It has even been spotted in the busy hands of Madonna, Madeleine Albright, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Vanna White. Add to that list Boston University’s Katie Schu (GRS’09), a Ph.D. student who is working toward a degree in geography and who learned to knit from her grandmother when she was just seven years old. Schu put her knitting needles away through high school and undergraduate school, picking them up again two years ago when she was longing for a stress-free project whose end, perhaps more important, was in sight.
“While I love being in school and doing research, sometimes it can seem to take forever to finish a project,” she says. “Knitting provides me with a project that has a nice start and end. Plus, when I’m done, I have something I can use, wear, or give as a present.”

Last year, Schu started a blog called Winter Foliage to keep a log of the projects she’s working on and to show off the projects she’s completed.

Winter Foliage features tidbits and tales of her knitting life and the distractions that take her away from knitting and provides interesting knitting ideas, complete with photos. And although Schu will spend time knitting this summer, her blog will also be a travelogue, complete with photos and stories, as she takes a road trip out to Berkeley.

For more information on Schu’s blog, visit http://winterfoliage.blogspot.com/index.html.

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