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Adam Roberts, coordinator of audience development for the Huntington Theatre Company, in residence at Boston University, is reaching out to new audiences with a blog about current plays and details of future events. Todd Williams, production manager at the theater, wrote recently about how every night in the theater is unique. A photo of two construction dumpsters filled to the brim with an old set highlighted the closing of Well, which played to near-capacity houses through April 8.

The blog comfortably integrates multimedia and text, with a video of playwright Noah Haidle discussing the making of his play Persephone, which is playing at the Wimberly Theatre, 527 Tremont St., until May 6. Here’s how Haidle describes his play: “Act one is the statue being made in 1507 and the second act is what happens to the statue five hundred years later, when she gets her arms cut off and pigeon poop lands on her head a lot.”

To read more, visit the Huntington Theatre Company blog at http://huntingtontheatre.blogspot.com/.

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