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Former Terrier to Grow BMC Sports Medicine

Shawn Ferullo was named MED clinical instructor of family medicine and BMC assistant director of sports medicine.

Shawn Ferullo (CAS’97, MED’01) has been appointed assistant director of sports medicine in the department of family medicine at Boston Medical Center (BMC) and a clinical instructor of family medicine at the School of Medicine.

Ferullo, who played for the Boston University men’s ice hockey team from 1994 to 1997, says that his career in sports medicine springs from his time playing hockey. “My interest in sports medicine is from my previous experience as an athlete,” he says.

As a faculty member, Ferullo helped develop family medicine’s two-year-old primary care sports medicine fellowship curriculum. He then became the program’s first trainee, working with Larry Culpepper, chairman of the department of family medicine, and Matthew Pecci, director of the sports medicine and orthopedic curriculum. Ferullo received his bachelor’s and medical degrees from BU and completed his residency at BMC. 

Ferullo hopes to help the department solidify and continue to expand its training program, while providing good care for students and athletes.

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