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Deparment Administrator Wins BU Today’s Show Us Your Blogs Contest

Gareth McFeely’s movie blog, winner of BU Today’s Show Us Your Blogs contest, draws an international audience.

Show Us Your Blogs

As a teenager, Gareth McFeely filled notebooks with handwritten comments and reviews on every movie he saw. Now, many years and technological innovations later, his movie reviews have a home online, reaching an international audience in his blog “Gareth’s Movie Diary,” which has won BU Today’s recent Show Us Your Blogs contest. 

“I used to write notes in hardback notebooks, but at some point, I no longer had the time or the discipline to keep up with the exercise,” says McFeely, department administrator for the College of Arts and Sciences modern foreign languages and literatures department. “As I started to become aware of what people were doing online, it seemed to me that I could easily use a blog format to create an online movie diary.”

McFeely created his blog more than a year ago, and it’s now visited by people from Allston to Australia. “It’s clear that my blog has quite different audiences, too,” he says. “Some people want star ratings and recommendations, and other people look for the fact that I sometimes write about pretty obscure movies. The readership is everyone from my wife to people who end up at my pages after doing a Google search for a little-known African film.”

Visit McFeely’s blog at http://garethsmovies.blogspot.com.