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Boomer Babies: How Generation Y Sees the World

Part four: Life, then and now

Katrina Grigg-Saito and other College of Communication students interviewed their classmates and their parents for "Generation Gap."

This spring, the students in College of Communication Associate Professor Anne Donohue’s advanced radio journalism course were asked to turn a critical eye on their generation, exploring their ideas about race and gender, work and money, sex and love, and technology — and to compare their perspectives with those of their baby-boomer parents. The series, “Generation Gap,” was featured on WBUR’s “World of Ideas” on Commencement day, Sunday, May 20, and can be heard in its entirety at the “Generation Gap” Web site.

To hear the COM students’ work — covering topics ranging from the changing job market to new attitudes about multiculturalism — click here.

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