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Best Friends Find They Share a Head for Business

Nalini Gupta (CAS’07) and Lindsey Chaney (SMG’07) both landed coveted spots in GE’s Financial Management Program.

When Nalini Gupta (CAS’07) and Lindsey Chaney (SMG’07) met at Freshman Orientation in 2003, Gupta was planning to major in biology and take a premed concentration and Chaney was starting in the College of Communication. But each developed an interest in business and altered her plans: Chaney transferred to the School of Management, and Gupta, who remained in College of Arts and Sciences, added a business minor. Now, the two best friends have landed positions with General Electric’s Financial Management Program, which trains recent graduates for jobs at one of the world’s biggest corporations.

“It’s funny, because we started out such different people,” says Chaney. “But we both ended up on the same path.”

The program will train Chaney and Gupta through four six-month rotations at different General Electric locations around the world. Chaney will begin the commercial finance track in Connecticut, and Gupta will begin the health-care track in Wisconsin this summer. 

Their friendship has been one of the reasons for their success at BU, Gupta says. “Lindsey and I play really well off each other,” she says. “We motivated each other to do better.” 

Although they will be miles apart and their paths may diverge again, Gupta says, they are still considering going into business together in the future.

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