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The making of an award-winning photograph

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BU photographer Vernon Doucette snapped up another honor in June after his portrait of a rower washing his boat was awarded first prize in sports photography by the University Photographers Association of America. Doucette had collected second prize in the Personal Vision category at the same event last year, along with an honorable mention in the People and Portraits category.

The photograph, featured above, was taken during an early-morning shoot of the men’s crew team practicing on the Charles River in May.

Doucette says he shot more than 50 near-identical frames, but it was the alignment of the rower’s arm, hose, and boat that truly made this photo click.

“A lot of times it’s just luck, being there at the right time and the right light, and having the right thing happening in front of you,” he says. “You draw on your experience and your technical repertoire to pull it all together.” 

* To view an audio slide show of the men’s crew team, with more of Vernon Doucette’s  photographs from the Charles shoot, click here.

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