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Bang Camaro, Party of 20

Bang Camaro, the local metal band featuring 20 lead vocalists, launches a semester of performances at BU Central tonight. Photo courtesy of Bang Camaro

This year, BU Central kicks off a semester of late-night performances with the guys of Bang Camaro: a drummer named Andrew, a bassist named Dave, three guitarists called Alex, Bryn, and Maclaine, and a singer called Mike. There’s also a singer called Nate, another named Rodrigo, one called Glen, and anywhere from 10 to 15 more.

The Boston metal band, featuring a traveling choir of up to 20 lead singers, plays at BU Central tonight, in the basement of the George Sherman Union. Doors open at 8:30 p.m.

Bang Camaro was the natural choice to get things started, says Kelli Bell, a program coordinator in the Student Activities Office, because of the energy the band brings to every show.

“It will be one of the best live shows people will see all year — 20-plus people on stage, all singing and rocking as hard as they do, is quite the spectacle,” says Bell. “We think they are the next big thing to come out of Boston. Rolling Stone and mtvU already think so.”

The group, founded by guitarists Alex Necochea and Bryn Bennett in 2006, has made its name with unapologetic tributes to what members describe as the best parts of ’80s metal music: guitar solos and loud choruses. They recently released their debut album, Bang Camaro, and the video for the first single, “Push Push (Lady Lightning).” They’ve also attracted the attention of MTV through their efforts to recruit new choir members for a national tour, since they can’t yet afford to take all 20 vocalists with them.

Tonight’s show presages a promising year for BU Central, which began in 2004 as an alternative, on-campus venue for student entertainment. In the past two years, BU Central has drawn 17,760 people to nearly 200 events, such as concerts, comedy shows, and movies. Last year’s highlights included a solo performance by Adam Pascal, a star of the musical and movie Rent, and a standing-room-only comedy night with Dave Coulier of the television show Full House. This year Mieka Pauley and Ra Ra Riot are among the featured musicians; other events include an improv performance by the Upright Citizens Brigade and the annual BU’s Funniest Student competition.

“We have a phenomenal lineup this semester, like Johnathan Rice, and a favorite from a few semesters ago, Eclectic Collective,” says Bell. “And that’s only music. Our comedians are top-notch, with Comedy Central specials and all.”

The fall schedule also includes perennial favorites such as Acoustic Café, where BU musicians get the chance to perform at an open-mic night, and on Friday, September 14, the Red Sox–Yankees matchup is being televised. The venue will celebrate another major sports rivalry on Saturday, December 1, when the men’s hockey Terriers take on Boston College.

All BU Central events are free with a BU ID. A complete list of this semester’s events can be found at the BU Central Web site.

Jessica Ullian can be reached at jullian@bu.edu.