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Oliver Hobson (CFA’07) deals almost entirely with glass in his still-lifes.

Italian Glass Still-Life Two, oil on canvas, 12” x 18”. Image courtesy of Oliver Hobson (CFA’07)

“I am fascinated by light, shapes, color, and lines,” says painting major Oliver Hobson, “and my primary goal is to present those aspects in the most interesting way possible.”  For this reason, his still-life paintings deal almost entirely with glass.

Because glass can bend, break, and reflect, says Hobson (CFA’07), it presents “a certain level of intrigue.” While the casual observer would not notice a uniform line or a subtle shadow, he says, an artist cannot help but see them.

Hobson’s paintings mainly involve tones of white interspersed with blobs of colored paint. The blobs provide a stark contrast to the white subtleties. Although the colors, he says, were “once rooted in concept, they have since broken away from any strict interpretation and are instead left to be read freely by the viewer.” Hobson finds the idea of painting paint to be fascinating. “It changes the form of paint from a medium through which we create into an object with which we live,” he says.

Hobson’s artwork was selected by the BU Art League, a student-run group based in the CFA school of visual arts. The organization helps undergraduate student artists learn more about the art world than they might normally learn in the classroom. The Art League tries to build a strong community through monthly meetings, exhibition opportunities, and a monthly newsletter. For more information, contact Patrick Short (CFA’08) at shortp@bu.edu.

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