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The 2007 North American Print Biennial: Episodes & Itineraries

Click on the slide show above to view images from the exhibition.

The works featured in Episodes & Itineraries, the exhibition of print-media installations currently on display at the Sherman Gallery, lead a viewer on a roundabout journey. In one piece, 25-year-old Sebastian Garcia-Huidobro presents a palate of portraits with the faces scratched away; in another, 62-year-old Rimer Cardillo uses a digital light box to capture an owl in flight.

The disparity of the images serves a purpose in this show, which features exclusively site-specific installations from South American printmakers. Presented in connection with the 2007 North American Print Biennial, which will be displayed at Boston University later this month, Episodes & Itineraries reexamines contemporary Latin American printmaking, using artists of different ages and nationalities to provide a comprehensive review. The featured artists include Maria Bonomi of Brazil, Alicia Candiani of Argentina, Cardillo, from Uruguay, Garcia-Huidobro, from Chile, Cecilia Mandrile of Argentina, and Ricardo Migliorisi of Paraguay. Candiani also curated the exhibition.

Episodes & Itineraries: Installations in Print Media by South American Artists is at the Sherman Gallery at Boston University, 775 Commonwealth Ave., until March 8. A special reception for the 2007 North American Printmakers Biennial will be held on Sunday, February 18, from 3 to 5 p.m.

Check BU Today tomorrow for a slide show featuring prints from the 2007 North American Print Biennial, on display starting February 18 at the 808 Gallery, 808 Commonwealth Ave.