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Yoga makes lunchtime debut

Children know that standing on their heads is fun, but adults tend to forget. A new faculty-staff yoga class can remind them.

Health Matters

Children know that standing on their heads is fun, but adults tend to forget. A new lunchtime faculty-staff yoga class can help them remember by providing the opportunity to fit relaxation into a busy schedule. Starting September 22, the Fitness and Recreation Center will hold yoga classes every Friday through the semester, making it a little easier to get away from work and to get physical.

“Many of Boston University’s employees lead busy lives, with family, school, and other obligations requiring their time away from the office,” says Ramelle Adams, coordinator of noncredit instructional programs at the FitRec Center. “Although increased workloads make it difficult to leave the office during the day, breaks help increase concentration, productivity, and overall health.”

Exercising during the workday creates a daily routine that people are more likely to stick with, Adams says, particularly if they exercise with a colleague, which helps make exercise a priority when other deadlines compete for time.

The class will be taught using the slow-moving Iyengar style, with attention given to proper form to avoid injuries and poses held long enough to release muscular tension and build strength. 

“Iyengar yoga can either provide a base for people who want to move on to faster-moving types of yoga or become a regular practice, depending on what the participant is looking to get out of the experience.” says Adams.

Yoga’s widespread appeal is based on its combination of physical and mental benefits and its emphasis on relaxation. Yoga also provides a way to build strength and flexibility gradually because the poses can be modified so that anyone can perform them, but can also be made more challenging as participants advance in their practice.

“It is a good way for people who are just starting out or who have not exercised recently on a regular basis,” according to Adams. “In addition, this particular class can help our employees connect with each other outside the normal restrictions of work, which will help build camaraderie.”

The class has several spots still open. It meets from 1 to 2 p.m. on Fridays, from September 22 to December 15. The cost is $85 for FitRec members and $110 for nonmembers. To register online, visit the FitRec Web site. For more information, call 617-353-2748.