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Video conversation with Robert Brown, Part 5

Plus: video interviews with former MIT colleagues

This story, part five of five, was published on BU Today September 30, 2005.

Last month, just weeks after being named president of BU, Robert Brown sat down with seven members of the University community for an informal conversation. The faculty, staff, and student participants were invited to ask Brown any questions they liked. Highlights of the resulting two-hour conversation have appeared on BU Today each day this week in short video segments produced by BU Productions. Today’s installment focuses on the faculty’s crucial role in decision making at the University, Brown’s personal interests, and his thoughts about the symbiotic relationship between BU and the city of Boston.

Watch the video here. (requires RealPlayer® to view)

Plus, watch a BU Productions video profile of President Brown, featuring interviews with family members and former MIT colleagues. (requires RealPlayer® to view)

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