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Tom Nolan traded the cruiser for the classroom

MET professor Tom Nolan traded the cruiser for the classroom

Tom Nolan. BU Photo Services

Just two years ago, Metropolitan College associate professor of criminal justice Thomas Nolan (SED’00) was enforcing the law as lieutenant in the Boston Police Department. Now he works in the classroom, teaching students about law enforcement.

Nolan, who has 26 years of experience with the BPD, received his doctorate in 2000 and decided in 2004 “to fulfill [his] dream to go in and teach young people who are going into the criminal justice or law enforcement profession." His goal was to give back to his profession by providing students with a solid background in the field. “I think that the MET students appreciate the fact that I’m bringing not only an academic background into the classroom, but also a professional background," Nolan says.