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The Siddis of India

WBUR broadcasts Henry Drewal on the African diaspora of the Indian Ocean

Professor Henry Drewal, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Henry Drewal, a professor of art history at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, spoke recently at BU’s African Studies Center about The Siddis of India: The African Diaspora of the Indian Ocean. Descendants of African slaves, Siddis are fully integrated into Indian culture, languages, and religions.

Drewal was introduced by James Pritchett, a College of Arts and Sciences associate professor of anthropology and director of the African Studies Center. The October 4 lecture was part of the African Studies Center and the CAS African-American Studies Program lecture series Persistence and Permutations in the African Diaspora.

WBUR, Boston University’s award-winning National Public Radio station, broadcast Drewal’s lecture as part of its World of Ideas show. Click here to listen to the show.