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Best of BU winners are in and online

J.P. Licks won best ice cream. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

Contests don’t get much closer. In the category “Best Open Mic Club,” the Best of BU voting was as tight as a BU-BC hockey game, with BU Central squeaking ahead of Harper’s Ferry in the final moments, 262 to 261. Other categories, on the other hand, were out-and-out romps. In the “Best Place to Go on a First Date” contest, the North End won more than twice the number of votes of either of the runners-up, Boston Common and the Brown Sugar Café. And in the race for “Best French Fries,” the Sunset Cantina smoked second place Boston Beer Works and third place Uburger.

The 2006 Best of BU contest was a two-part process, beginning with nominations in October and ending with votes for the favorite of three finalists in each of 25 categories. When the polls closed two weeks ago, more than 22,000 votes had been cast, for the best places to eat pizza, burgers, French fries, sushi, and ice cream, the best places to shop for sneakers, vintage clothes, and dorm gear, and the best places to dance, go on a first date, and steal a first kiss, or just give one away. 

This fall’s Best of BU is the first of many. Each year, BU Today will ask the University community for its most recent advice on where to find the “Best of” many foods and services, and each year the menu of Bests will grow. In a few weeks, on January 25, BU Today will host a Best of BU party at BU Central. In the meantime, via a permanent link from BU Today, the Best of BU results can be found online. BU Today’s staff hopes that readers will consult them often, and make the most of a Best thing.

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