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Testa takes the long road

Tom Testa, assistant director of public relations, was featured on CNN for his long commute to BU.

Tom Testa recently appeared on CNN’s American Morning featured as one of many long-distance commuters. He drives an hour and a half from his home in Rhode Island to his office at Boston University.

The segment, titled “24/7 America,” focused on the trend of the increasingly long commutes and work hours of Americans and discussed whether some establishments should stay open later for commuters with especially long days. Testa talked about his daily trip to the University, where he works as assistant director of public relations. “It seemed like my 100-mile a day total commute made their eyebrows go up,” he said.

Testa, whose day often doesn’t end until midnight, said he would definitely take advantage of late-night hours if retail establishments, restaurants, and gyms offered them. Although many tasks are made difficult by such a long commute, Testa said his career has given him the opportunity to own property in Rhode Island.

“9 a.m. meetings are pretty tough,” he said. “It takes more than a cup of coffee to get your day started after such a long commute.”