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BU leagues square off at Nickerson Field


What do the Law School, the school of music at CFA, Buildings and Grounds, and Aramark all have in common? They field just a few of the forty-one club softball teams that compete over the summer at Boston University. This summer tradition, begun a little more than thirty years ago, brings together BU faculty, staff, and students to show off their athletic skills at Nickerson Field—and have a lot of fun.

“Each year [the program] keeps growing and growing,” said Tracey Dultz, club sports manager. “This is one of the largest programs we’ve run during the summer.” The teams are organized into seven leagues: five co-rec (co-ed) and two men’s. Each team plays another in its league one night per week for eight to nine weeks, plus playoffs if the team qualifies. The top two teams in each league then go head-to-head, competing to represent their league in the championship, which determines the top co-rec and men’s leagues of the season.

Although some players may see the league as a chance to play out school or departmental rivalries, most join just to have fun. “We try to stress that it’s fun,” said Dultz. “Most who play use it to bond with staff, colleagues, and peers.”

Interested in watching a game or two? Head over to Nickerson Field, where games begin at 5:30, 6:45, and 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday.