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She’s a Catch27

Diana Schwartz (COM’07) went from intern to regional director while stoking the fires of Catch27.com.

Diana Schwartz

Since Diana Schwartz (COM’07) took a chance on a paid marketing and public relations internship posted on Craig’s List, she has helped develop a successful business from the ground up.

Catch 27.com is a social networking site created by Elle Magazine’s E. Jean Carroll as a spoof of popular friend and dating networks. Instead of free listings, the site puts price values on profile “cards” of members based on their appearance and profile. Members buy other friends and form “packs” of 27, some with themes, such as “Hot Lucy Liu Look Alikes.” Packs are judged to win prizes like iPods.

While buying friends may not appeal to everyone, Schwartz says there are real people behind the electronic trading cards. “[I] actually get to see how these online social networks evolve, see relationships and friendships form.”

At first, Schwartz’s job was to recruit members for the site, but now as now the regional director of public relations her responsibilities include launching marketing campaigns, creating contests and competitions, handling new member registration and setting up accounts, selling advertising space, and keeping a blog on the site.

“My favorite aspect of the site is the blogging,” says Schwartz. “These are real writers—people write really well and are really talented on this site.” Schwartz’s blog, she says, is a true-to-life online journal of her experiences.

She will be interning in New York City this summer at a public relations firm and hopes to participate in COM’s Los Angeles Program next year.